Thetagang Merch exists to provide the members with streetwear to show the degenerate bears and bulls in the wild where their money goes.


Thetagang Merch was created out of necessity because this group deserves great designs on comfortable clothing. Most people who trade this way aren't pretentious, conceited, or have a reputation that gets scrutinized by wannabe economists on a routine basis. Simply put, we mainly earn our trading income by selling short option positions with higher probability of success.

Quiet but confident, that is Thetagang. It's a mission, a calling. Even though our bread and butter is selling high PoP side of positions to people who willingly buy the low side. We all remember the moment we discovered this side of the market. It was eye opening, life changing. I think in some small way this movement can help educate others on how to truly navigate the retail derivatives market in a way that is fun and fulfilling.

I first started this brand as a side hustle trying earn a couple extra dollars to put diapers on my kid, but didn't take long and it started to gain some traction. Members all over the world were looking for ways to represent who they are and we are humbly trying to give the people what they want.

We also want to give back, that’s why we donate a portion of all profits to Lemonade Day. They teach kids invaluable lessons on investing in themselves and entrepreneurship through educational days with a lemonade stand business model. We believe opportunity to learn the investing mindset at a young age is what will change the world for the better.

Keep time on your side.

Happy trading,